What Nail treatment should I have?

Every Client is completely different in terms of what they would like from their nails.  The nail treatment best suited to you is established after a thorough consultation with myself whereby we discuss your lifestyle and what service you would most benefit from.

Should I have Acrylic or Gel?

I only offer Acrylic as a semi permanent enhancement service.  Acrylic has been proven by many of my Clientele to be the best suited system to a busy lifestyle.  The acrylic enhancements feel light, thin and look and feel the most natural. If acrylic is made too thick, the enhancements are more likely to break as they grow and can make the natural nail top heavy.  

Can Acrylic damage my nails?

Any standard semi permanent system will not damage your nails, be that gel or acrylic.  The products applied only adhere to the surface of the nail and do not absorb into the nail plate at all.  The damage that you see where gel or acrylic has been used is caused by the untrained Nail technician or the misuse of their tools.  Acrylic and Gel can be used to improve the health of your nails by following the correct recommended treatment and maintenance.

Will I be able to work with my Acrylic nails, will they be long?

No, they will be a workable length suited to your lifestyle.  Nails that are kept at a workable length are less likely to break.  Nails that are made too long have a higher chance of being damaged by breakages causing trauma to the natural nail underneath.

Is Gel better for my nails than Acrylic?

There is no difference between gel and acrylic in terms of what’s better.  Acrylic is stronger and removes quicker than some gels while gel is more flexible.  It is all down to your lifestyle and how we can get your nails, looking and feeling great.  What is best is nails that look and feel like your own.

Why do the cheap nails I have done in town never break?

These non-standard salons that offer cheap nails are normally using products that are either illegal or unsafe and not approved.  The substance added to the acrylic monomer is called MMA which is a liquid that once mixed with the acrylic powder creates a product that is almost unbreakable.  This liquid, MMA, is illegal in the U.S. but legal in the U.K. at the moment. Once the MMA has been added to the acrylic, the only thing able to file the product down is an electric nail file, which if being used by an untrained nail technician, can also damage the nail underneath creating red rings.   MMA can not be soaked off which is why removals are done by ripping the acrylic nail off the natural nail which as you can imagine, is deeply painful, revealing thin, badly damaged nails. I have become somewhat of an expert at removing these non-standard salon nails, minimizing the damage, so if you do find yourself needing a removal, I would be happy to do it for you.

Is Shellac Gel Nails?

No, Shellac is a gel polish.  Shellac can not be used to extend your natural nail like Gel.  It looks and wears like gel but it’s best known as the original power polish.  Shellac is very popular as it’s quick and easy to apply and remove. Shellac can add strength to nails that need a little protection from a busy lifestyle without compromising on the health of the natural nails.

Do I need a break from having acrylic or Shellac?

No, and I’m not just saying this!  I had acrylic on my nails for 10 years at one point without a “break” and my natural nails are super strong and not damaged.  Provided you are following all aftercare advice given, and attending nail appointments regularly, your nails underneath are being kept beautiful and protected by the product.

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