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Natural Nails

Spa Manicure £20 | 20mins
A mini Manicure consisting of a nail shape and cuticle tidy.
Nails are finished with an OPI natural pink polish and a quick dry top coat after a nourishing hand massage.

Spa Manicure with Shellac / Gel Colour  £30 | 30mins

Shellac/Gel Colour
Shellac, the original power polish, is applied over your natural nails leaving you with a high gloss finish that lasts for 2-3 weeks

Shellac Gel Colour  £30 | 30/45mins
Shellac Gel French  £35 | 30/45mins
Shellac Gel Repair £ 5 | 5mins

Shellac Removal £ 8 | 10mins
The nails are wrapped and the product is removed gently with no damage to the natural nail. Shellac removal will be half price if having shellac re-applied.

Shellac Removal & re-apply £34 | 40mins
Shellac Removal & re-apply French £39 | 45mins

All other systems £15.00 | 30mins
Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and a nail strengthener is applied.

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Nail Enhancements
Liquid and powder is applied to your natural nail and customised to suit your lifestyle. Be it strength or length you’re looking for in a system, CND products deliver on durability and finish!

Full set of Nail Enhancements  £40 | 60mins
Full set of Nail Extensions  £45 | 60mins
Rebalance (2-3 weeks)   £28 | 45mins

Before and Aftercare Advice

  • If you have had your nails done elsewhere, please let me know before your appointment so that I can allow extra time to remove the existing product before I begin your treatment.
  • Regular maintenance appointments are recommended every two to three weeks depending on your natural nail growth.  
  • SolarOil, an award winning cuticle oil, is recommended to be used twice daily with all Acrylic or Shellac products.  SolarOil is the only cuticle oil on the market that works with CND’s enhancement system by absorbing through the product and treating the natural nail keeping it flexible and healthy.  
  • It is not recommended that you remove your own enhancements or Shellac.  Please book an appointment and have them professionally removed by me. Nail damage is usually caused by incorrect removal methods.
  • Picking or biting Acrylic or Shellac can and will cause damage to your natural nails, please book a repair or removal to ensure your natural nails underneath are kept looking beautiful.
  • Please try to remember to use rubber gloves when using detergents for washing/cleaning as these products have a drying effect on the nails which can cause the product to age.  This could lead to breakages and yellowing of the nail product.
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